Atlas - DEV Notes: SUPER HIGHWAYS??? Discussion and Q&A with the Devs Nov 24th 2020

Ahoy Pathfinders! There will be no patch this week, so instead we’re delivering some information based on some questions we have collected and seen around the community! Since we announced the renewed ATLAS journey last Summer, a lot of things have changed in the development cycle, and we are still working on improving our processes and the feedback loop with the community as well. Like in any adventure, some parts of the journey can be rough but as we overcome them, we continue to move forward and build on our experiences. Whether we are making small steps or revisiting old ideas, it is important to remember that we are still sailing forward! Development is very often not linear, and understandably things can get confusing for the community - even for those seasoned Pathfinders who have been sailing the seas of ATLAS since the very beginning. We hope that today’s discussion and some of the answers to your questions will help the community understand our vision for ATLAS and where we are currently at. --------------------- Check out our links:
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