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JackBeFlippen Explains all about Mining Drones. He did some extensive research and asked the hard questions to make this pretty Definitive Drone video.

Jacq and Maug Charlie Sheen our way to Victory.

Teamwork and Dated References... From Jack and Mogspawn.

Jack and MogSpawn face off in a battle against good and chaos.

Official Training Program for the "What Not to do" Series.

Jack and Mogspawn BURN ALL THE HOUSES!!! and Prepare for our first bout of PVP! ------------------------------------------------------- Warhammer: Return to ...

Jack and Mog continue our fun filled adventure in WARHAMMER ONLINE!

JackBeFlippen and MogSpawn go into the world of WarHammer Online: Return of Reckoning. Hilarity Ensues.

Scavenging the wasteland for parts is harder that it seems in today's episode. Also I go into the finer parts of milking an Old Gregg. I also fine some of my fellow ...

Today is a low key day as we scrounge through the waste in search of junk so I can build up Sunshine Co-Op and have a town worth living in!


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