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A little update on SplatTheCat's BSG station and ship construction. Check out Splat's youtube here: ...

StarMade Battle Royale. Join Jack in some heated action against some big league names in the StarMade community. Truly one of the best combat videos ever ...

SplatTheCat is at it again with his new Battlestar Galactica ships and stations he is working on. Here is but a preview!

4 weeks of multiple hours a day working on this Victory Class Destroyer. I am very proud of this. However Weapons volley fire still is a bit messed up. Please ...

JackBeFlippen Narrates the update patch notes to you while taking in a cup of coffee.

Jacq and Maug Charlie Sheen our way to Victory.

Teamwork and Dated References... From Jack and Mogspawn.

Jack and MogSpawn face off in a battle against good and chaos.

Official Training Program for the "What Not to do" Series.


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