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JackBeFlippen and FunkyMonkey try out Multiplayer Rimworld!
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JackBeFlippen and Mog Spawn take on some sunken treasure! Watch out because we are not alone in the oceans.

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Last Video was a bit of a Ramble so I cut to Just the Planets part here for those who are interested. I did notice in the analytics that most of you didn't make it this ...

Bear with me as I read some of the dry techno babble for StarMade to get to the Meaty morsels we all want so sooo badly: UNIVERSE BUILDING!

Jack and Mog Spawn watch as our team mate does us a service

Mog and Jack work out all of our technical difficulties.

Hey Look! we are getting better!

Inherently Risky Schemes - Jack and Mog Spawn go a courting death and destruction.

More updates to StarMade coming! Schema has finished Sound changes and is moving onto the next big change!

Those of you who didn't get to participate in the live discussion on the Discord never fear! I have recorded it and added music and my beautiful Voice! Those of ...


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